Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fat Man and Little Boy

Having the responsibility of creating a bomb that can destroy cities and lay waste to entire counties if need be. The biggest internal problem would be the morality of it all. Sure it's difficult to create such a bomb when nothing like it had been created before, but in the end can you really destroy thousands of lives?

So, you've made the bomb that could end the war. Now you must decide to go through with it or not. You do what most people do, write down the pros and the cons.


  • Destroy a city and leave the outskirts contaminated with radiation killing thousands upon thousands
  • Kill thousands of innocent people
  • The technology could be used down the road by the wrong people and nuclear wars could occur killing millions and possibly billions
  • The amount of guilt one could go through could send them into an awful state of mind
  • If more bombs are created, tensions would be high
  • Could end the war
  • Saves many more lives on both sides of the fight than if actual warfare was carried out
  • Sends a message to the rest of the world of superiority
  • Paid handsomely I assume
All in all, I personally don't think that I could carry this out. Being responsible for killing thousands and destroying cities would be a huge burden I don't think I can carry. If this were the only thing that I did in science I'm still not sure I would do it. Peace can not be achieved with more death. For a time afterwards there would be peace, but, sooner or later more war and death will come. Creating this bomb would cause so much death it would take decades for countries to come to peace. This is just the start of it all. Other countries see what I have created and will either attempt to create it themselves or create something even more destructive, which will lead to other countries creating something more destructive than that. In my opinion, creating this weapon of mass destruction would cause nothing but more death for years to come.

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  1. That's an interesting perspective. Sadly, your scenario reflects human history. "Development" has been marked by the invention of weapons of ever increasing lethality. It's scary to think we may still have not reached the end of that progression.