Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mission Impossible 3

In the movie Mission Impossible 3, Agent Hunt is trying to once again save the world from terrorists. In one scene Agent Hunt must swing from one building to the next in order to get in the building. In order to know if it is in fact possible, lets look at some of the facts. The height of the taller building is 226 meters. The height of the smaller building was 162 meters. The two buildings are 47.55 meters apart. The time of the swing was about 15-20 seconds.

In the next scene, Agent Hunt is ironically being hunted by a drone on a bridge. The drone has blown a large hole on the bridge. He has to jump the gap in order to survive and destroy the drone. The gap of the bridge is approximately 20 feet. his acceleration was -9.81 meters/second squared. His initial velocity is 0 meters/second.

In the third scene, Agent Hunt is in a helicopter being chased by a helicopter through a field of windmill turbines. At one point Hunt's helicopter times the rotation of one turbine perfectly in order to get through leaving his enemies to be destroyed by the turbine. In order to know if this is possible we must know more. The rotation of the turbine was possibly about 1 rotation/second. The size of each blade was approximately 5 feet wide. The gap between the blade was about 15 feet. Now for the helicopter itself. By the looks of it the helicopter was maybe 15 feet tall and about 20 feet long. The helicopter must have been traveling about 80 mph so converted to meters per second is about 35.76 meters/second. The driver would have to time the rotation of the blades at just the right time in order to get through.

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  1. Remember that the assignment asked you to pose a physics question for each scene, discuss what quantities you would need to know in order to answer that question, then estimate those quantities as best you can from information available to you, and finally explain how you arrived at your estimate. I'd say you only managed to do the estimations. I don't see any questions being posed or discussion of relevant quantities, except for your 3rd scene.